Groundtastic: A Guide To Football Grounds

Bo’ness United photo courtesy of 100 Grounds Club

I find that along with the classic matches football has to offer, I am intrigued by the culture that goes along with the club’s history, the city that supported the club, and of course the grounds that the club played their matches on. I touched upon Edgar Road, where Hereford United pulled off the 3rd Round replay upset of Newcastle United in an article last week and now I’ve come upon a magazine/ website that celebrates the rich history of the football ground. Groundtastic, The Football Grounds Magazine takes you there. Founded in 1995 by Vince Taylor, Jon Weaver and Paul Claydon, the quarterly magazine hit the shelves in March of that year. It since has blossomed into the premier football ground magazine.

“ Quite obviously a labour of love…the research is incredible and the photographs that accompany each article are superb ”- Yeovil Towne Program

From it’s humble beginnings as a photo copied magazine for the first six issues and moving on to a proper printed magazine, Groundtastic has grown from football’s answer to a punk ‘zine right into a glossy coffee table magazine in your parlor. With a circulation in the upwards of 1,500 (and growing), this labor of love fills the niche to football ground enthusiasts all over the world. We here at (aet) send out a huge Salute! to the lads over at Groundtastic. Not only are they taking a risk by putting out a glossy, virtually advert free, 80+ magazine about of all things, football grounds (which we think is the nuts), they do it with great pride and respect to the history of this game. Now if my local news stand would just carry it.

More information on Groundtastic.


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