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Quotable: Rodney Marsh

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Quotable: Harry Redknapp

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Southampton FC: 1976 FA Cup Winners

Today we salute the 1976 FA Cup winners Southampton FC, who would rise to the occasion and in another example of a David vs. Goliath match, without the bible of course. In front of a crowd of 100K, United would put a massive amount of pressure on the Saints’ keeper Ian Turner. An early crossed shot by midfielder Steve Coppell saw Turner bobble the ball, a sure goal, only to be saved when two Red Devils hesitated to put the ball home. Gordon Hill went on the attack at what looked like a smashing lob, until Turner snatched the ball away and denied Hill and United what looked to be the go ahead goal. This gave the Saints a small kick in the pants they needed, as they regrouped and were able to finish out the first half with out going down a goal or more to United

“ Why do the goals all seem to come when you’ve nipped off to the loo? ”- Jasper Carrott, singer, in his song Cup Final, on the ’76 SFC FA Cup goal

It was Southampton who would come out in the second half but couldn’t find the back of the net as Mick Channon and David Peach came close. However, it was Man U who squandered the best chance of the match so far, when Sammy McIlroy’s header hit the woodwork. A close call for the Saints led to each club attacking several times, but managing not to put the ball in the back of the old onion bag. It wasn’t until the game was thought to be heading to extra time, when Bobby Stokes took off past the defense and scored. MU thought he was offside, but it was later shown through the replay that Stokes had timed his run perfectly, and on that run was able to place the ball extremely well into an unreachable corner of the net past United keeper Alex Stepney. It was this day that the Saints went marching into Wembley, beat the giants known as Manchester United, and rode that double tide back to Southampton with a trophy in the front of their bus, and medals around their neck. This of course, and a nod from the Queen herself. A huge shock in the world of football and a first piece of silverware for Southampton.

We hate Nottingham Forest
We hate Liverpool too
We hate Manchester Utd
But Southampton we love you

Southampton FC v. Manchester United 1976 FA Cup Final

Southampton Return Home After Winning the FA Cup


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Port Vale FC 1977: Good Typography

Being a font, logo, and graphic design geek, imagine my surprise finding this program from the mighty Port Vale FC from October 22, 1977 when they took on Peterborough United in a League Division Three match at Vale Park. It’s got some great typography, using a main font that looks to be close to Bobo Dylan or Sharktooth, plus the bold look of Futura. It is also chock filled with great illustrations, classic font use, and a color scheme of green, yellow, black and white that works quite well.

As of that date, The Valiants were 3rd from the bottom of the table while The Posh were sat in 8th on goal differential. The match would end in a nil nil draw, as a huge crowd of 3,502 watched Grahame McGifford and the lads put up a fight around Stoke-On-Trent. Here’s the rest of the program, with images courtesy of One Vale Fan. Up the Valiants!


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Speaking of Spurs: Spurs vs. Man City ’69-’70

Speaking of Spurs and Jimmy Greaves, peep the goal disallowed by an offside call at 2:18. This is what makes football the beautiful game. I’m loving that the current kit of Manchester city is a throw back to their 1969 kit.

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