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Great Moments in Football Facial Hair: Paul Breitner

Not only does German footballer Paul Breitner have the pleasure of playing and winning a World Cup (1972 with West Germany), he won the Budesliga with Bayern Munich, La Liga with Real Madrid (1974, ’75. & ’76), and the distinct honor of being the 17 Hours Bundestrainer or manager of the German national team for a mere 17 hours in 1998, he could also grow a pretty darn good mustache. However, it was his afro hair style that earned him the name Afro-Paule. A Great Facial Hair (and Hair) in Football Bonus. His ‘stache was so sweet that I used Paul as a cover for one of my Funk and Soul mixes on Flea Market Funk.

Here’s a better view of the Breitner mustache:


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Great Moments In Football Facial Hair: Graeme Souness

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